SIZE : 1350(W) X 2400(L) X 40(H) mm
WEIGH : 5.2kg


SIZE : 1200(W) X 2000(L) X 40(H) mm
WEIGH : 3.8kg

Product Introduction


The original fruit color helps children to develop their vision.
If you fold House Mat, it is possible to play “House”.

Safe mat functions for children
If you spread the mat, you can make a wide space for children to play.
The delicate milky color may heighten the scatterbrained children’s power of concentration.


If you erect the mat, it is possible to play a variety of roles.
Playing “Store” helps children cultivate sociality.
In the play, a child acts as a shopkeeper and a mom acts as a customer,
and they sell and buy goods through the window.

Children can develop cognitive capability by playing “Peekaboo” and physical ability by playing “Tunnel”.
Use Tunnel Sofa with the window of House Mat open!
If you put Tunnel Sofa into the empty space after opening the window, children can play “Seesaw” safely.
Besides, if you put a toy into the empty space, children can play “Fishing”.
As the seesaw is caught by the thickness of the mat, it works as a brake when playing “Seesaw”.
Play “Peekaboo” with the window open in the house.
Opening and closing the window in House Mat, play “Peekaboo” which children like.
It helps children to develop their cognitive capability.

Open and go through the window, and pass the tunnel.
If you pull the Dikinmon Horn attached to the window, you can easily open the window from outside.
By opening and going through the window, and passing the tunnel by themselves,
children can develop their bodies naturally.
When you store House Mat, fold it. House Mat, which consists of 5 blocks, is easy to store.

Patented House Mat having won an award

  Patented No. 10-1300608

House Mat 135CM is an idea product which has received A Good Design Product Award and obtained a patent technology.
Patented one-touch transformation technology! House Mat which is transformed in one second by hanging the end of the mat on the horn! That is the technical skills owned only by Designskin.



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