2014년 3월 3일 월요일



Entering into the 21st century, the average birthrate has dropped because of the worsening economic situation,
but keen attention is being drawn to the importance of children's living environment.
Getting gradually more interested in children's health as well as the safety of various children products, our society now needs safe products for our children.
In addition to that, these days people are pursuing the comfortability, safety, and usability of interior environments with the coming of the design era.
Keeping pace with this trend, Designskin has established not only the product safety system but also the creative design system
and has made efforts to develop innovative products since its founding. In particular, we are pursuing the production of masterpieces through the manual manufacturing process coupled with our superb workmanship. Designskin's awards and product innovations obtained so far will be the pride of our country as well as our company.
In conclusion, we sincerely hope that 2012 would be the year when we could develop the Korean market in the field of children's products,
which now very much rely on imports.


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