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Design Research Center

Company Introduction - Design Research Center

The design research center is the place for the persons with an open mind who take the lead in product innovation.
Design research center
Design development and cultivation of talented personnel

Marketing Planning Team:
Product publicity - Trend analysis - Cafe operation - Brand image making

Product Planning Team
R&D - Survey of responses to new products

Web Design Team
Materialization of brand identities

Product Design Team
Precision CAD drawing work - Sampling through 3D modeling - product video production

Design management activities - Design management system


Design management system
The whole processes of Designskin are the results of efforts made by individual staff members.

Employee education and support
Design mind-up education for all staff members, Workshops at home and abroad, and incentive system for innovative ideas

Product processes
Planning -> Designing -> Sampling -> Production -> Selling -> Distribution,
Operation of Designskin's own factory, Principle by which stores should be directly managed by Designskin, Designskin's delivery service and direct delivery

Design management activities - Design marketing system

Operating process
The direct management of Designskin stores enhances the quality of both products and services.
- Head office: Planning, Design R&D
- Shopping mall: Product sales
- Naver's ‘Dikinholic’ Cafe: Survey of market responses, Service maximization
- Factory: Products are manufactured at Designskin's own factory.
- Non-hyun Store: Gangnam Non-hyun Store



Design process
- Survey of responses to products by a group of cafe participants before launching new products
- Product improvement
- Research of design preferences
- Official sales after inspection
- Setting a goal of 50,000 Naver's ‘Dikinholic’ Cafe members
- Analysis of responses to products through monitoring of members


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