2015년 1월 15일 목요일


Have you been designskin showroom in korea?

Designskin shop was opened by 2011 in Seoul.
we have known customer's response through shop.

Our company's strength have showroom that customer can look and use.

We have online shopping mall and shop which we directly operate.
among the rest, shop is give customer a lot of inspiration.
" I want to make like this place for my children "

so we often have saled for them in shop

This is line to order items for their child's safety

The Children who visit our shop, can play as much as they like. 
Herefrom Our items show you safety, happiness and creativity

sometimes, like below picture, we often have seminar with our customer.
The main purpose is, get - acquainted, response using items and feedback for new item.

 designskin will never stop here!
Our vision will keep going for global.

How about this!

you can see other designskin's shop in Shanghai, China  
I will introduce designskin shop in world next.

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