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Designskin received a Bronze Prize at 'DFA Awards 2014'

Designskin received a Bronze Prize at 'DFA Awards 2014'
 Designskin(Song Seong-jin), Koreas No. 1 baby mat research center, announced that it had received a Bronze Prize at DFA Awards where Asias best designs are selected.

Designskin DFAA Bronze Award2014

 ‘DFA Awards’ supported by ‘Create HK’ of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and supervised by Hong Kong Design Center is the world’s most prestigious design award where the designers and enterprises of the world share up-to-date information and experiences on Asia designs. It is gradually raising its status in the world, receiving attention from young talented designers as well as the world’s best design companies and well-known designers.
 The judging committee composed of the world’s best design specialists evaluated designs, focusing on their overall superiority (creativity, originality, usability, aesthetic value, and sustainability), applicability of technologies, commercial success, and effects on Asian culture and society. The important features of prize winners lied in differentiated aspects including Asian traditions and culture, contribution to sustainability, and technical innovation.

CEO Mr. Song Sung Jin awarded Bronze Title in DFAA.

 On Dec. 03, 2014, Designskin participated in the awards ceremony held at the Hong Kong Convention Center of Business of Design Week (BODW) which is a world-class design event.
 On the other hand, Cake Sofa among the prize winners Play Fun Designskin Project” (4-layer Baby Tetris Sofa, Tunnel Sofa, Cake Sofa, and House Mat 135CM) was displayed at the IDT Expo held at the Hong Kong Convention Center from Dec. 4 through Dec. 6. The Designskin’s prize winners will also be introduced through international design magazines and Awards publications.
Designskin Awarded product

 Designskin whose design superiority and innovative technologies have been recognized through DFA awards are well known as a company which has a variety of intellectual property rights including 13 patent registrations out of 16 patent applications and more than 40 design applications & registrations. In 2012, Designskin was selected as an IP(Intellectual Property) star enterprise which will lead the vitalization of the local economy as a promising small & medium business through management of intellectual properties such as patents, brands, and designs. In 2014, it also received the excellent intellectual property management prize at the Small & Medium Business IP Management Contest.  

 ‘The Small & Medium Business IP Management Contest’ hosted by the Korean Intellectual Property Office and supervised by both the Korea Invention Promotion Association and the Jeonbuk Intellectual Property Center is an event in which small & medium businesses share IP management success cases. During the event, successful enterprises are given prizes and the awareness of IP importance is spread and expanded. As Designskin not only thinks about the safety of children, but also has both intellectual properties and technologies, it could be selected as a successful company through IP management.  

 “We are very honored as our design project has been selected as an excellent design among 1,024 design projects from 23 countries due to its design superiority, commercial success, and effects on Asian society. In the future, we will put more energy into research and development continuously so that designing can make our daily life better and contribute to our society,” Song Seong-jin, CEO of Designskin, said.  

Design for Asia Awards 2014 - Designskin

Play Fun Designskin in DFAA

Bronze awarded Designskin

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